Router if it does not exist

Hi together,

in my make i get over typeform a form in which i ask for the city. After this i check a monday board if there is an item named by this city. If yes i will do a subtask underneth this item. If there there is no item with the name of the city, i want to create a subitem on a fallback item.
With the router i can cycle through every name that exists. But i dont have an idea, how i can go through everything and see if my value is in and if not go the other route.
Can you help?

What does your top filter do?

Usually we don’t put filters in fallback routes, because we want the fallback route to be executed.

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my problem is, if i dont put a filter on the fall back route, all the items from “14 List Boards Items” will go through it.
What i want is, check if the city is in one of them, if yes, use this one from the bundle and go left… if it isnt in, than take the original data and go right, but only one time and not X times (times of the numbers in “14”)

Hello @Kay_Dollt,

You’re getting a City name from Typeform, then you want to search Monday boards for that City, then if it doesn’t exist, add it?

If that’s what you’re doing, then you may want to think about querying Monday for all city names (and any other pertinent data), using an Array Aggregator to put them into an array of collections, then use a map() on that array with your city name as a key for filtering.
If that map is successful (and returns an array), then you will have you answer as to whether the city name already exists and any other existing information about it.
Otherwise, you can add it to Monday.

Hope that makes sense!


thats it :wink: thanks a lot