Need to create a item if it does not exist and go back to the route - Converger?

Good day community members
I need some help. I have a scenario that creates posts on WordPress. The posts have 3 X custom taxonomies that I search and add them if they don’t exist via the rest API. Is there a way to go back to the route once the new taxonomy has been created and search for them again? The 2nd time the taxonomy will be there and the route will continue to the next step? see the example image

If not, what would be the best approach to achieve the posting of the post with the newly created taxonomies.


Use a router with 4 outbound routes. The first creates the post. In this route, you put a delay, like 20 seconds. In the other 3 routes, you check your taxonomies and create them if necesary. This way, your main route can rely on the taxonomies to exits. You have to try which delay time is enough.