Wordpress Custom post type

I’m trying to use the “WordPress Create a post” moduel to post new content on my website. But in the “Type” drop-down I can only find posts, pages, etc, etc. But I want to choose a custom post type that I have on my website called “portfolio”.

Does anyone have any idea how I go about this?
Any help would be appreciated because I’m totally clueless about how to proceed here.
Thank you,

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have you tried toggling to map and entering the post type name in manually?


After you’ve installed the integromat plugin, you’ll need to enable the custom post type and any fields you’d like accessible via Make.


Sadly, I have tried this with no luck

I have done this now but it didn’t change anything.
It doesn’t show up in the drop-down, and when I try using the map function and entering it manually I get a
“[404] No route was found matching the URL and request method. (error code: rest_no_route)”

When you created the cpt, did you enable rest api for it? It was an option on the plug-in I used

The post type is part of the theme I use. And I’m pretty sure it has the rest api enabled for it