404 cant connect wordpress CPT using API via make connect

Hope you all doing well,
I know this topic was disscus before but
no exact answer work for every site because it differ in away
the issue is cant connect WP site CPT
[404] No route was found matching the URL and request method. (error code: rest_no_route).
I used postman and to check and it return a response with no issue
i use Jetengine to make Custome post type with rest api enable
but still after many tries no luck connecting that api to Make.com
api sitracure look like this
https: //mydomain dot com/ wp-json /wp / v2 / cpt
and i install make connector and did enable cpt fields .

Any idea how to approach a solution ?

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Hello samliew
this is the scenario
blueprint.json (21.4 KB)

If you want to use a custom API URL, you should be using the Wordpress “Make an API Call” module instead of the “Update a Post” module.


i use Make an API Call
with my api (https://ircsqr.sites-tester.icu/wp-json/wp/v2/ircsqrs)
i target this key (irq-attachment) so it can post its value to this key (irqr-file-path)
i don’t know how to honest so my approach was to send the data to sheet and post it back its value to this field (irqr-file-path)
any suggestions?