rss event has been failing me for a few days

Hi there
About a month ago I made an event to read the feed and post it on my telegram channel and it worked perfectly.

-Using Telegram Bot with Make

For 3 days, without touching anything, I realized that he was not posting anything to me on telegram, even though there was new content.

I have looked at the log, and it gives me this error, does anyone know how I could solve it?
The web is accessible and the feed is updated correctly.

Thanks a lot

Hey @Francisco1,

It looks like your RSS feed url maybe isn’t working. Can you manually check if your RSS URL is accurate.

yes, it works without any problem and shows me the latest articles.

Since I programmed it maybe 1 month ago, everything has been working fine.
But for only a few days and without touching anything, it has stopped working by itself.
That’s why it misses me a lot.

Thank you