How to not get updated RSS entries but just new entries?

Hi, I’ve set a scenario where I connected an RSS to a Telegram channel to get real-time news. But there’s a problem: unfortunately, many entries get updated after they’re added to the RSS, and the bot sends these updated entries every time, while I don’t want this to happen.

I’ve contacted support to solve this issue, and even tho their answers were clear and fast, they didn’t solve the problem. I tried these two solutions:

  1. I’ve deleted the RSS module and set it again selecting “From now on” when asked “Where to start”;
  2. I’ve set a filter where “Date created” must be equal to “Date updated”, but seems like the RSS doesn’t have any Date updated property, meaning that the filter doesn’t work.

Using another RSS reader, this problem doesn’t happen (I don’t know why), but I don’t want to use it because is slower and paid.

I hope you’ve got some good solutions :blush:. Thanks in advance for your help

can you share screenshot with all of what is returned by the RSS feed (one example of updated, one example of new) and the filter you set up?

Thanks for your interest. Luckily support gave me a third possible solution that is working pretty much as I wanted to: I’ve created a Datastore in which every new entry is stored with its URL. If that URL is found in the next scheduled operation, then a message won’t be sent via Telegram.

(The purpose of the last three modules is just to understand how many entries I get every day in a month)


Hey @FranDes thanks so much for getting back to us with the solution! The community truly appreciates that since this can totally be helpful to someone looking for similar answers in the future :pray:

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I’ve defaulted to not using data stores because when they came out, they were constrained to the point where I didn’t want to base solutions on them.

That’s changed and I need to update my thinking as well.

Very helpful. Thanks!