Deduplicate RSS Feeds

Hi I ask for help because I’m a beginner, and I can not get out of it, and I can not find clear examples about it I realized the scenario as in the picture, input from android button, part rss feed takes elements and loads them on aggregator array, now I put them the filter deduplicate to prevent then in the telegram channel post double articles. The idea is that when I send he uploads only the new articles he finds in the array and not even those already published with previous submission. But it seems that deduplicatite just doesn’t do its job, and so it also publishes articles already published. Kindly someone help me with how to do it? Thank you


So what you can do is use the module “Watch RSS feed items”, which will trigger whenever a new article is published. then use the telegram module to post.

So 2 modules. Which will post whenever a new RSS item is made.

If you want to trigger this a Button. You can use watch button and trigger it. Good this is you will not need to deduplicate as it would only pull new posts.

Hope this helps.


PS: dedublicate only works when there are same things in the array.


Thanks I had tried that solution, but it only works from PC, I did not find a way to start from the android button from the phone. Because it said that the Android module had to be put in front of the scenario to give input, so if I choose RSS, only the item retrieves feed items comes out, I can not use new elemnto feed as it happens in a single way, so I had to think of an array. Now I saw that I click the button and there is no new art, sends me cmq last art caeicato. It can not look in the array if the feed has loaded the same articles, and then should prevent sending to telegram the here art equal nice arra, and send me only the new ones if you could connect to a button the form only new art from RSS feed to me would be fine but I do not know how to do it and as I tried it does not seem possible to combine it with Android.

My idea is not to put search art feed regularly every tot hours, but I decide when to give imput to the scenario that seeks the new art of the feed and sends them to telegram, all with a click without having to intervene from the PC within the scenario thanks

Hello maybe so it works, but I have to wait for there are new articles, but if I click the button does not send those already present in the beam and matrix, so it should be the solution

Hi @Cris ,

Not sure what exactly are you looking for. So, Few questions and please correct me if my assumptions are not right,

  1. The Android Module is used as a trigger for the scenario, right? And, It only works as a trigger for your scenario
  2. Retrieve RSS Feed items and then fetch all the available Feed Items from provided RSS.
  3. The aggregator that you are using will aggregate the results and then post it to Telegram Message, so if there are five feeds coming from RSS then it will send a single message summarizing all of the 5 feeds that you get from the RSS module.

There are a couple of ways to do this, But, can you share with me which plan you are on Make?

The first approach will be to use, On-Demand Scheduling, If you are on Core or above then what you can do is create two different scenarios, One for Watch Button, and then next will be a Make APP to trigger/execute a scenario.

And, then you will have another scenario, that has schedule settings to OnDemand and then you can use Watch RSS Fieeds as the first module and keep the rest of your scenario as it is i.e Aggregator and Telegram.

The other option will be to use, Data Store in Make, which will act as a Storage for the RSS feed that has been forwarded to Telegram. To do this, what you need to do is,

  1. Add a Data Store, Search Module after the Retrieve RSS Feed Module, and in there Create a New Data Store,

  1. After doing this, add a filter that search for Data Store to check if id exists or not, Use Advanced Settings to check Continue the execution of the route even if the module returns no results. Now after doing this, you will need to add another module to add RSS Feed to Datastore if it doesn’t exist, so simply put a filter in between Search Data Store and Add a Record in DataStore.

Screenshot from 2023-05-07 01-43-39

  1. If there is no result, then we will first add to the data store and then proceed forward with the aggregator which will pick it up and then send it to Telegram.

The Full scenario will look something like this,

Thanks for your availability, I’m trying the free plan, to see if it will actually be useful, since I do not need to automate many things and I do not even have so much traffic. I tried your second solution, but I couldn’t. if I put filter does not hesitate, I do not even upload the new ones on the archive, if I put exists then loads them but I post 3 copies at a time for each article. I thought android app was made so that you could manage scenarios and edit them directly from your phone, and not just a button, as far as rss is concerned, complicates things even more. So I do manually from the PC when I access it, also because for two or three articles a day, it is useless to use time at regular intervals. thanks cmq