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Hello Team,

I would like to condense some information from several rss feeds before sending it to a telegram group. But is this possible?

To explain, I have an rss feed that gives me 4 items.
The 4 items have 1 title, 1 description, 1 url.
They talk about the same subject (e.g. Elon Musk has managed to reach the planet Mars).

Is it possible to combine the 4 items because they talk about the same subject and send the content directly to telegram?

Hello, a possible option could be sending the items to ChatGPT so condense or summarize all posts into a single one.


Oui en effet c’est ce que je pensais mais je ne vois pas comment “associer” les différents contenus pour envoyer à open ai.

sur 10 items qui parlent de 2 sujets différents comment dire “Prend les contenus qui parlent de {{insert_topic}}”

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Translated Response:
Yes, indeed, that’s what I was thinking, but I don’t see how to “associate” the different contents to send to OpenAI.

Out of 10 items discussing 2 different topics, how do I say, “Take the content that is about {{insert_topic}}”?

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