Combine 2 Discord messages in a single one

Hi there ! :wave:

I have created a scenario where the main goal is to retrieve events informations from an RSS feed and post them to a Discord channel.

Here is the working scenario :

The RSS feed output a description field with HTML that contains all needed informations.

Then, I have created this regex that do the job to capture all needed informations

First problem I have encountered si that the feed provide tournaments and events informations at the same time.
Here in my example, there is 2 tournaments (name and image for each one) and 9 events (name, date, url… for each one).
I’ve tried to use one single Text parser module with the regex but it gives me an unexpected result where the message in sent multiples times…

Therefore to simplify, I’ve splitted the regex in 2 parts :

first one to handle events

and the second one for tournaments

then for each branch I use an Iterator to build the message like this

and aggregate in a Table aggregator and send to Discord.

Final result is not too bad :partying_face:

My question now is when I construct both messages in separated iterators, is there any way to concatanate them in one single message ?
Obviously my goal is to send only 1 message to Discord.

if need, I’ve attached the rss feed, event parser et tournament parser outputs :
rss_feed_output.json (13.7 KB)
tournament_parser_output.json (508 Bytes)

event_parser_output.json (2.3 KB)

This is my very first scenario with Make, I’m sure it can be enhanced and I have so much to learn :slight_smile:

Any idea or suggestion would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hey @Hichem

You should use ‘Set variable’ and ‘Get variable’ for this.


Hello @Abhishek,

Thanks for your asnwer.
Not sure to understand, where do you suggest to add Set and Get variables ?
After the RSS feed, the parser or iterator ?



Remove the Discord module from the first line. After the event table aggregator, connect the “set variable”. Then, in the second line after the tournament aggregator, retrieve this variable(get variable) and map it in the Discord module with the previous data.


As simple as that… :astonished:

Awesome !

Thank you so much @Abhishek :pray: