Split discord messages

i am currently sending urls into a discord channel. those automatically are watched by make and then put into a new row into google sheets.

i now want to add to the message which is just the url some hashtags.

is it possibe with make to watch the channel for new messages, then split the message in 2 parts (URL + hashtags) and then put both parts into two separate cells in the new row in google sheets?


Hey @saint_sat

Yes, achieving this is possible through the use of regular expressions or other text manipulation tools. If you provide an example message, I can demonstrate the process by performing relevant functions to obtain the desired results



message is eg:
https://chat.openai.com/c/a9679a78-54b0-43ac-b00b-e86efd3f9c93 #useful ai chatgpt



(ps: the forum here makes the example hastags to clickable tags here sometimes)

Hey @saint_sat

Okay, you can achieve this by using the split function, like this

Screenshot 2024-01-21 013247

And you will get results like this
Screenshot 2024-01-21 013320


awesome thanks!!!

is it possible that i extract the hashtags with the “#”?

Hey @saint_sat

It will work


{{split(get(split(“https://chat.openai.com/c/a9679a78-54b0-43ac-b00b-e86efd3f9c93 #useful”; “#”); 1) + “,
#” + get(split(“https://chat.openai.com/c/a9679a78-54b0-43ac-b00b-e86efd3f9c93 #useful”; “#”); 2); “,”)}}



but how can i make this generic so that every “#wordplaceholder” from my discord message gets cut out and put into a new varibale value? :smiley:

thanks so much!


You can seamlessly integrate your link directly into this function, and it will effectively handle all types of links



where can i find the split function? unfortunately i started only by today with make…also searched in google but cant find it

like which tool do i have to use?


You will find split function in “text and binary functions”


but which tool? sorry im completetly new

so i try to explain in an easy way again what i want to archieve::

i send all the time a message to a discord channel with “URL #placeholder #placeholder #placeholder…”

what i want to try is that make watch the channel. if it checks that theres a new message
get the message and split it into 2 variables/values (dont know the difference here in make)
like lets say 2 messages. 1st = “URL” 2nd message= “#placeholder #placeholder #placeholder” (so all the hashtags)

i then want make to add a new row into a google sheet table and put “URL” into a cell of column A and “#placeholder #placeholder #placeholder” (so all the hashtags) into column B of this new row.



Can you tell me the maximum number of hashtags that can be included in your message?


would say max is about 10…would that be too much?
sometimes when i send the url from my phone into the discord channel it adds also a new line after the url and before the #'s when i add them to the message with the url

please show me your scenarios so i can give you exact advice on where to edit what in your scenario

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Hey @saint_sat

try this
You can change {{6.Link}} to your message coming from Discord

I use set variable for this

And you can map things in your google sheet like this . It will work for 10 tags .


nice thanks! can you maybe upload a screenshot what tool i have to use and where i have to place the tools etc? thanks!


You can use “set variable” and direct map your value in Google sheet module



what are those brackets i marked in my screenshots for?

i dont have / get them?

if mine is correct at all?

it’s really hard for me to understand your setup