RSS feed stops at 25 values (reddit saved posts)

Hi! I followed this to the best of my abilities, and seem to have done everything properly (although Integromat has had a user interface update since the post): The Ultimate Solution to Organize Your Saved Reddit Posts)

Everything works perfectly, but it only picks up 25 of the hundreds of saved posts I have. I’ve tried changed the pick up value to 50, 200, 500, 1000, 100000 all with the same result: 25 most recent saved posts.

Any tips?

Maybe you have to page through the result set? Sometimes api calls have pages and this one may be doing it 25 at a time. Have a look at the underlying Reddit api and see if the call being used has paging. If your module doesn’t support paging I’m afraid you’ll need to manually implement it with the HTTP module.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for answering. I have no idea how to look at any api in general.

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Beauty, I’ll take a looksee! Thank you kindly.


Yeah, I can’t figure this out, lol!

Why not read the docs on the http module and test out the authentication schemes for Reddit. This is the hardest part but it’s necessary when an app doesn’t do what you want it to do. It’s a fairly usual situation unfortunately until the app for Reddit gets better.

Yeah, this is probably related to limitations of the Reddit API to pick up post retroactively.

It’ll be useful for every new post you save (whether it’s 1 or 1 million), but there’s not much you can do in regards to how many posts from the past you can fetch.