Run Data Store Depending on Data Store Values


I am trying to store customer enquiries in the data store, these enquiries are stored with a time value, this value is when the email should be sent out. As I want enquiries sent after business hours to receive an email within business hours.

I am unable to get the data store to only run when its meets the time in the data store, as there is only the option to run the data store search at certain times. I can set the data store to search on regular intervals every minute, however this uses a very large amount of runs.

Is there another way that I can have the emails sent out according to their send time in the data store?


You cannot schedule the main scenario with the data store search module, to run at the individual item datetime’s stored.

Assuming you schedule the scenario to run every X minutes, you can set the filter of the data store module to return items for the next X minutes,

Then use an external module to schedule a webhook callback to your secondary scenario at the exact time for each item,