RuntimeError [400] Request person.etag?


i have the following problem with one of my scenarios:

Does anyone know what that means?

What is referred to as local cache here?

Thank you for your feedback!


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Assuming you have previous modules that interact with the contact, if you updated the contact in a previous step, you will need to add a module that gets the contact again before doing further updates. This error indicates the contact was changed and so the current HTTP request etag has expired, so it won’t let you perform further actions until you refresh that contact in a new request.


What do you mean by earlier modules? Do you mean earlier updates of the contact?

Conversely, does this mean that I have to update the contact once in Brevo (Sendinblue) with new data so that the webhook can be run again to work correctly in the future? Do I understand that correctly? Thanks.

Can you post a screesnhot of your whole scenario, including an indication of which module gave you the error?

Here is the scenario:

The last one (Google Contacts) makes the error.

And here the error in detail:

Thank you in advance!

Good morning, have anyone an idea how it can work? Or, why this failure occures?