SalesForce Line Items with Quotes

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I have a record type Quotes in sales force but when get a quote it shows me the the details of the object but it does not show me the details of lineitems , It shows me how many items count it have but doesnot show me the lineitem details . I want to grab the line item details as well

On salesforce side shows it does have the lineitems
how can I bring them up? any ideas

Line Items are in a different Salesforce Object you need to use the QuoteId to query the Quotelineitem Object.


can you please mention what will be the call or request to get that ?

thank you I have done it

Hello @Hamza_Irshad still no getting the expected result?

its done I have called a query
thank you


Great to hear that :clap:
Would you please share your solution here and mark the question yourself as Solved?

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Called a query
SELECT Id,Quantity,Sales_Metric_c,Sale_Price_c FROM QuoteLineItem WHERE QuoteId = ‘0Q00C000000E0MjSAK’

thank you

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Just thought I’d jump in and say thank you for sharing the solution to your question. Great to see that you were able to figure this out with @Rafael_Sanchez :muscle:

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