Missing Type in connection (from Salesforce)

Dear Make community,

I’d truly appreciate if you could help with a connection issue.
I want to get record from Salesforce, where I have object “Order” and related sub-object “Order Products”. Several Order products linked to one Order.
When I create any module to get record data from Salesforce I can select Order type, but there is no option to select “Order Products”. When I get Order record there are also no Order Products details.

Could you please advise what may be the issue here?

Many thanks!

So there is no concept of Sub Object, but it’s called Line Items where multiple products are mapped as lines to one order.

Just check the Order output and see if you are getting an array or collection of line items.

Share a few screenshots so I can help you in a better way,


Hi Manish,
Many thanks for the feedback, indeed you are right, it’s about Line Items.
Indeed I receive in output data and some collections (as below). However all this information is from the object itself, there is no any information about line items.
Screenshot 2023-02-08 105108

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Let’s connect over a call to troubleshoot it. You can book me at Calendly - Manish Jain


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