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SubField Results not showing up

Hello Makers! I need help please:

End Goal: Trying to integrate TypeForm results (Watch Responses) with SalesForce Leads (create record)

Create a TypeForm See Screenshot Attached “Make TypeForm Set Up”

First Step: I’ve set up the connection with Make & TypeForm.
Second Step: See Screenshot Attached “Make TypeForm Set Up” Added scenario “Watch Responses”, connected the associated Form ID.
Third Step: Created 4 items under Fields, Item 1 " Let’s Chat!“, Item 2 " What best describes your business?”, Item 3 “(Optional) Do you have a website?”, Item 4 “Please provide details and/or a message”.

Results: See Screenshot Attached “Make Integration Results” I got the results for Item 2, 3 and 4. Somehow, I don’t receive the results from Item 1.

I noticed on TypeForm, Item 1 includes a cardinfo with sub questions. Is there a way to get the Map code of these subquestions? So that way, I can create more item in the typeform scenario “watch responses” and get results from each sub questions (first name, last name, etc.)

Thank you team!

Welcome to the Make community!

This is because “Let’s Chat” is not a form field.

According to the Typeform API for responses, only form fields are sent by Typeform. This is not a Make issue.

You can try using the “Get a Form” module to get the full form instead.

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Thanks for the warm welcome and the quick response! I was able to get it, merci merci!