Scanning book ISBNs to a Google sheet: seems to execute, but no rows get added to the sheet

Newbie here. I’m trying to set up the template scenario ‘Scan Your Books with Android Barcodes and save them in a Google Sheet spreadsheet’. When I run the scenario and try to scan a book, It seems to scan fine and send the data, but nothing seems to happen to the target sheet.

I did try looking at the http output bundle that was generated and it does seem to contain appropriate data from the scan. Looking at the Sheets output bundle, it superficially looks like it wants to add a row…

so i’m just puzzled at what i’m missing. any hints/suggestions what to check? Do I have to alter the http connection somehow? (am i actually not passing any data at the http stage?)

No errors are being generated. (the log indicates success)

can you expand the values in the input section please and show the screenshot.

Ah! Interesting, it says ‘Empty’.

So does this mean the problem is at the previous HTTP stage? i.e, nothing is getting passed to Sheets?

This is what the output view of the http stage is:

I expanded the Data → Items, and again superficially it looks like there’s data going out?

Hi @Nathan_Ng ,

How does the mapping looks like in your sheets module?

Glenn - Callinetic


Ahhhhhhhh! Thank you for the patient, pertinent question!

There was no mapping (of the data to corresponding columns). I did not realize that mapping had to be set up. For any other newbies going through this exercise, the ‘Values’ fields in the Sheets module need to be mapped, as in this screenshot (the blue entries)

This was my first time setting up a Make scenario. Thanks both of you for the help!