Scenario kept running even after it was deleted

I reached out to support but I wasn’t helped.
Newer to make, currently regretting it.
Yesterday I was testing a scenario. The browser froze. I reloaded. The stop button wasn’t available. The scenario was still running though. It had a step where it called a paid api. It wouldn’t stop. I deleted the scenario. It still wouldn’t stop. My account ran out of operations eventually.
Has this even happened to anyone else?
I’m wondering if I should close my make account. I can’t afford for it to glitch like this on my buck. Support just told me I should have pressed the stop button (which I did) and I was out of luck.
The paid api system had failsafes if the api was called too many times but the failsafes all turn off the scenario, which didn’t help.
I really appreciate how make works but this makes me wonder if they are trustworthy.

Looping you in.

Thanks for the tag @JugaadiTech :raised_hands:

So sorry to hear about the trouble caused @thatzapgirl!

We checked our system, detected the ticket you logged, and saw that you got a response from one of our agents. The support team is really the place to turn to in such cases since the folks can access, investigate your scenarios and the scenario runs and take appropriate action.

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