Scenario lost after several executions: not saved?


Today I created and improved a new scenario and executed it several times.
I reloaded the page aaaand … it’s gone. At least I have an old version of the scenario (2 nodes now instead of 4 previously).
If I go in the execution history I correctly see the 4 nodes version.
There is nothing logged in the events like an edit nor delete.

Run ID OK: c839776e1bdd4d5494032f3a16f4fadc
Run ID KO : 66d0791f2bc648a19a87a442214655f9

Could it be because this version of scenario I ran was not saved?
1 - this should be changed quickly so users do not lose data
2 - how can I come back to this previous version? (the last version stored, is the “incorrect one”)

Thank you.

PS: I was able to spy the json data displayed on the history run page, the data is there so it must be technically doable from your side to get back my scenario :wink:

Don’t worry; here is the trick.


Great! Thank you so much :wink:

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Thanks a lot!