How to recover modules that have disappeared in a scenario?

I set up a scenario with 9 modules. they are all straight in a single line one after the other. The scenario tested fine and I see the successful executions in the history. However, after closing out of the site and reopening a couple days later, the last 6 modules have disappeared. I didn’t delete them and have no idea why they are missing. Is there a way to recover the missing modules and their set up, or do I need to recreate the whole thing?

Heya @RyanHunt welcome to the community :wave:

Just making sure here - Did you by any chance maybe not save your scenario before exiting the editor?

If that happens to be the case, you can

Thanks, I tried that but the previous versions don’t have the missing steps. However, I can clearly see them in the history of the last run.

I ended up recreating the scenario from scratch, but am a bit concerned this could happen again as inexplicably as this time.

If it keeps happening, you can copy all the modules by going to the Execution history and then pasting them over to the scenario.

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