Scenario stops when testing for the second time

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Everytime I make a scenario and test it for the first time, everything goes well, but when I want to test it again it only runs the first connection and doesn’t go to the next one. As you can see in the screenshot it stops after ‘‘watch rows’’, any idea what’s happening and how I can fix this!?

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Hi @Synqbase,

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I see you’re using a watcher. According to the documentation, it only processes new rows.

Retrieves values from every newly added row in the spreadsheet.
The module retrieves only new rows that have not been filled in before. The trigger will not process an overwritten row.

So when you first ran the scenario with rows in the sheet, it processed them. But when you run it a second time without adding new rows to the sheet, it won’t continue because there are no “Change Results”.

Hope this clarifies your behavior.
Glenn - Callinetic

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Hi @Callinetic Thank you,

Any idea how to fix this, even not changing or adding a new row ?

Hey @Synqbase ,

Adding new rows should work, since that’s what the module does. With every new row it will act on it.
However if you want to also act on updates you either need to use “Watch Changes” which requires the Google Sheet “” add-on, or you use Google Apps script and send webhook events towards Make based on events.

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 10.38.43


If you’re still developing the scenario and want to test without constantly adding new rows, you can easily reset the watcher by right click the Watcher > Choose Where To Start > All
and rerun.

Glenn - Callinetic


Thanks @Callinetic this is what I was looking for ! I appreciate your time!

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