Scraping LinkedIn data with and HTTP API

Hey guys I have created a simple tutorial on how to web scrape LinkedIn data (public profiles and company profiles) into Google sheets using This might help people interested in building b2b sales pipelines.
Web scraping LinkedIn with no-code and scraping API - YouTube

Your feedback is appreciated!

Hey @pixeljetter! :wave:

Thanks a ton for sharing your video tutorial with us! It’s packed with valuable insights and helpful info, and we truly appreciate your ontribution. Keep up the great work! :raised_hands:

Thank you @Michaela !
Let me know guys what kind of LinkedIn-related pipelines you would like to see in my next videos.


Here is a real-world outreach generation scenario, using LinkedIn API and GPT:

Iterate over every row in Google Sheet, if B column (LinkedIn URL) does not exist - do /search endpoint of LinkedIn API, if B column exists - do GPT message generation from person details:

Wow, awesome stuff!

Thanks for taking the time to step back in and share these screenshots with us. They make it super easy to understand the use case and get a clear idea of what you’re working on. :clap:

Hello pixeljetter I want to do the same workflow with the extracted api but when I paste the url it gives me error 422 I think my headers are not the right ones in my google sheet can you help me on the subject please?