Search module in GSheets to extract a number and format as date for filter


I am trying to extract a birthday from an ID number where the first 6 digits represent the birthday (YYMMDD) 9104245216080 and match that with today to send a birthday message to clients.

Thus far I have figured to use a combination of substring to only collect the MM/DD and formatDate perhaps parseDate.

I realize now that I have to substring(ID (D); 2; 6) the ID first and then search via formatDate(now; MM/DD) to filter.

Hi. Try do this

{{formatDate(parseDate(substring(9104245216080; 0; 6); “YYMMDD”); “DD/MM”)}}



Thanks, Helio!
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Thanks for your reply @Wemakefuture. I got it to work as you indicated but not the result I am going for.

Let me explain more, I have a Google Sheet with client details with one column of their identity number. A portion of that must be compared once daily to see if the MM/DD matches the current date.

With the search rows sheets function, it seems you cannot formatDate/parseDate/substring a column result.

How should I proceed to substring a result in sheets and then match it to today’s date?

I have since figured out to format the date of the entries in Sheets.

The question now is how do I filter these results to match the current MM/DD to send a message?

Oh, it’s obvious. Just add a filter between the modules. Working now.

Thanks, @Wemakefuture for the nudge in the right direction.

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Awesome work figuring this out with the help of @Wemakefuture :clap:
Also, thanks so much for circling back into the community and sharing your solution with us! This is super valuable :pray: