Search records, does not return results even if the record exists

I have a problem when searching for records in a Data Store.
From a scenario I read a file and load a series of data in a Data Store. Later, from another scenario, I send an invoice, and I look for if the NIF of the supplier of the invoice exists in the Data Store.
The problem is that it only finds me results if I edit the field I want to find and save it. If I search for a field that I have not edited and saved, it does not return results even if the record exists.
Is there any explanation for this?

Hello @JoseLopez

Can you please send a screenshot with your Data Store module setup.


This image is part of my scenario, then I only parse data and generate a file in Drive.

As you can see in this run, I search the data store for ‘AccountNumber = 43000004’ and ‘NIF = 43496809Z’ that exist, but no results are returned.
If I edit said record, I simply delete and paste this data again, the next execution does return the correct results.

Sorry, the previous request was not entirely correct. In this image you can see the correct search data.

Hi again @JoseLopez

For me is working

1.Make sure you have chosen the right Data store in the module.

2.From what I see you have 2 conditions in Data Store module.
Above you said you wanted to search by this condition “if the NIF of the supplier of the invoice exists”. Try to put only this condition to see if it works .

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


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Yes, I need several conditions to better fit the search.
Only with the NIF condition, it doesn’t work for me either.

I know it’s not easy to reproduce, and I can’t find if I’m doing something wrong, but simply by editing, deleting the data, pasting it again and saving, the scenario works for that data, it doesn’t work for the following ones.

Thanks for your answer

Hi, @JoseLopez, from what you commented, you could verify that the data does not have any space or strange characters.

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Thanks @Francisco_Fontes, that should be it, I added a trim before saving the data and now it works for me, even with 3 conditions in the search.
beginners mistake


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Thanks a lot!

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