Searching for one value in Airtable and extracting all arrays having the keyword in it

My goal is it use a .slug from Webflow and search for it inside my Airtable table. Then i would like to extract the email field from all the collections from Airtable that has that .slug in a certain column.

Let me break it down!

  1. I recieve a form submission from Webflow that lets me find a custom /slug i want to use as a search guide.

  2. Next i use “Search Records” in Airtable, picking the fields Name, Epost and Calculation 2 from within the Airtable table i want to find my items. Right after this i use a Array aggregator that just shows me a complete list of everything in my Airtable list. Screenshot:

As you see i have 3 fields extracted, Name, Epost and Calculation 2.

Name: Name of company
Epost: The email of the company
Calculation 2: A list of citys seperated with a comma

  1. Now my issue appears, i dont understand how i can use the /slug to search for the slug value inside the array aggregator. I recieve in this case 110 different bundles and i would like to use the slug to search inside the calculation 2 field for all of the bundles, and the bundles which contain the slug inside calculation 2 i would like to extract the email out of and place all the emails we will find in a new list…

Use slug _ Search for companies that has the slug inside the calculation 2 field _ if its a match we extract email and put it in a new list with other matches.

How can i do this? I would gladly take some advice to learn or pay somebody!

Attached is the blueprint
blueprint (1).json (44.3 KB)

Welcome to the Make community!

You’ll need to create a filter between the Airtable and Array Aggregator module.

Something like this

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Hey @samliew thank you for helping me!

Lets say the slug is ‘stavanger’

That kinda works, it only finds companies that has just has the slug ‘stavanger’ - If a company has Calculation 2 set to something like this:


It cant find the ‘stavanger’ slug for this collection 2, it only finds the company that has JUST 1 collection 2 result ‘stavanger’ - Sorry for bad explanation.

Do you understand the issue im facing? Your filter works, but it did not find arrays containing multiple results with my current slug in the middle surrounded by other slugs in the collection 2.

As you see it found 2 results:

But in fact there where 7 companies containing the slug (stavanger)

Did you follow my screenshot exactly, and split the Calculation2 variable into an array?

If you need further assistance, please provide the following:

  • screenshots of filter

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Hi Sam!

Yes i did just what you asked me.

Attached is blueprint aswell.

If you check history, and check module .13 runs, you will see in Bundle 33 there is (sandnes,stavanger) and it did not pick this up.

Appreatice your time!
blueprint (2).json (48.0 KB)

You are using the wrong filter operator. Please copy my screenshot exactly.

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Dear Sam,

You are a life savour!

One last question before im a certified Make Expert =p

Now i’m trying to use MailJet to send a email to all of the emails we just extracted from these 7 values we found:

But as you can see in the image below i only can see one result when picking recipetins.

Whats the best way for me to extract all of these emails? And then send a email to these people.

Again, thank you.

@samliew could you please check the last message? Im trying to learn how to extract the emails from these collections within the array.

blueprint (6).json (58.2 KB)

No problem, glad I could help!

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Hi @samliew ,

Thats fine! Here is the new thread for the last issue i am facing until my project is finished:

I really hope you can assist me.