Seeking Solution: Splitting Large Podcast Files for OpenAI Processing


I’m seeking a solution to split a podcast file into smaller segments since the file is too large to process in OpenAI.



I’ve downloaded a podcast file that I intend to use as input to generate text with OpenAI. However, the file is quite large and exceeds the size limit supported by OpenAI for processing. Therefore, I need to split this file into smaller segments to effectively process it with OpenAI.

I attempted to load the entire file into OpenAI but received an error indicating that the file was too large.

I searched for online tools that could split audio files, but I couldn’t find any that were free and suitable for my needs.

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Looks like this has been discussed before but there wasn’t any resolution

Anyway I suggest looking into Google Cloud Speech, which allows you to process way larger files.

For more information on this, see

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