Selection formula in a Get a Record Airtable module with data from previous modules

Hello everyone,
I’m having trouble with the following problem in a Make automation with Airtable.
Basically, in an automation sequence with Airtable modules, I need to select entries in a table, based on a variable date entered by an upstream module.
Normally, in the “Get a record” Airtable module, it is possible to select records with a formula in Airtable format in the “Formula” field. It’s easy to do this based on formulas and data internal to the database itself.
But my question is: in the Formula field of the ‘Get a Record’ module, can we use data from previous modules, and mix them with intra-table formula fields from the same ‘Get a Record’ module?
I’ve attached a copy of the “Formulas” field, which doesn’t work as it is.
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PS: A quick note for Make: artificial intelligence would be very useful for correcting formulas, brackets, formats, etc. rather than for summarising texts or producing content!

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Hello everyone,
Update …
The problem with formulas is that it’s almost impossible to know which date format is transcribed by Make from Airtable. Sometimes it’s YYYY-MM-DD, other times it’s DD/MM/YYYY, etc, etc.
I’ve never been able to identify the link between the format of an Airtable field and its presentation in Make.
As a result, my comparison formulas were fine, but they couldn’t work because the source data wasn’t comparable.
The solution I found was to ‘bring down’ the processing of dates to Airtable level by creating fields with dates transformed into numbers of days since 1 January 1970. These fields make it possible to compare simple values.
I’ve wasted several days unnecessarily on this subject, and the problem of translating date formats between Make and Airtable really needs to be dealt with…
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Hey @Erwan :wave:

Just wanted to congratulate you on solving this problem by yourself! :clap:

Also thank you for keeping us in the loop and posting the final solution here.

Keep up the good work! :tada:

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