Send data to multiple webhooks from one module?

Hi there! Excited to join the MAKE community (coming from Zapier)

In Zapier when you post to a webhook you can send the data to multiple places using a comma

For example:,we8sdx
This would send data to:

Can MAKE do this as well?

You would need to use two seperate http modules. One for each hook


Okay, just wondering if there was a workaround. Thanks!

@Mike1 There is an easier (more dynamic) way you can do this.

  • Create a new array inside some “Set variables” module with your link
  • Add an “Iterator” module before the HTTP module
  • Iterate over your array by mapping this value inside the iterator
  • Add the output of the iterator in your HTTP module

This way you can easily add or remove items from your array.


Thanks @Bjorn.drivn - I figured there must be a way to do this. Thank you!