Send WhatsApp messages in specific dates

I use HTTP module to send message to my clientes in WhatsApp, the thing is I need to remind them in specific dates about a thing tha is important to my business.

How can I trigger this specific events in Make?
I receive the date and the number of the people with a webhook module, but I do not know how I can schedule this sends.

Any ideas?

Do you mean for example if a message hasnt been answered in 24h that you send a reminder?

An example of a possible setup for your use-case, change data store to whatever you want to use for tracking clicks (or omit if you don’t need to check)

  1. After sending email, set a job to call your reminder webhook scenario after a certain period of time (step 3)

  1. When user click link in email, record that they have clicked the link

  1. When scheduled reminder job is called from step 1, check if they have not clicked the link, and send a follow up reminder email (or whatever)