Sending data to wordpress as posts

I figured out how to send data to wordpress using “create post” module… However, I am trying to figure out how best to reduce operations and data calls by having the sending module do a search of current wordpress posts and if present, update post ; if not found on wordpress, create post ; and if not found in sending list, but found in wordpress, delete post.

I believe it is possible by using routing and multiple modules, I am just scratching my head at how the process would work…

Have you started the scenario build out? Share a specific problem and we can help. Without some specifics it will be hard to help you.

Start with the WordPress app. Does it have the needed modules you need?

You need to link the post ID from the system in which they appear and Wordpress.
To do this, you need to remember the post ID and the date it was updated in the metadata.
And then everything becomes simple.

  1. When the post arrives, you look for it by ID. If there is, you update it, if not, you create it.
  2. With another script you check periodically if the post’s date is longer than you need and delete it.

Make / Integromat expert

So I just recorded this video which does answer the question of how to create and edit Wordpress posts via make and thought I would post the solution for future visitors:

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sadly this video is only 19sec long :smiley:

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oof fixed, thanks for the heads up! :smile: