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How do you get a WP Post in make as the first step in a scenario?

Connected to WP using the plugin. Its asking for a post id - but it doesnt see any posts directly in WP that are published.

Does Get WP Post work on a standalone basis in make or do you also have to first create the post with WP? I see a few videos that use both things together and it looks like the post id field comes from a WP Create Post in Make

See Screenshot


@Semuify Ideally you should use any of the Watch Triggers to get a new post in Make environment. This will trigger scenario when there is a new post created in WordPress.

Then subsequently you can use the Get a Post module to get more detail on that post.

Like this:

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Hi there,

We’ve seen many people having issues with WordPress as triggers, and so do we.

It seems we cannot obtain any data from the “WordPress watch post” trigger.
Ther is no specific error, but data simply won’t come through.

Any suggestions guys?

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Mmm ok - the problem is it doesnt really work. I have to manually select the module to start from a specific post every time I want to run the rest of the scenario.

Can you post up a working solution for WP?

Anyway to get anyone to answer support tickets?


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