Webhook for New Wordpress User to Trigger a Scenario

I want to create a webhook between my Wordpress site and a Make Scenario so that when a New User is created in WP, that triggers a Scenario.

What do I need to do IN my Wordpress site?

I have the Webhooks Module pulled into the scenario. So what are the steps to create this seemingly simple connection?

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Hello @Phillip_Crum nice to meet you.

To connect Wordpress with Make.com you need a base URL and API Key like you can see here:

  1. In the first step as you can see in the example written in red you have to copy your Wordpress base URL and at the end of the URL you must replace wp-admin with wp-json.

  2. Second step, you have to install a Make Connector plugin on WordPress to get your API Key and for this please follow this link:
    - go to Plug-ins/Install/Add plugins and add this
    The steps are easy, after you download the plugin go to WordPress Plug-ins/Install/Upload plugins.

Here you have the whole documentation: WordPress (make.com)

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Hi @Phillip_Crum.

I don’t think that Wordpress itself is capable of issuing webhook notifications itself. But some Wordpress plugins can do exactly that.

WP Webhooks is a plugin that can be configured to issue webhook notifications, and there’s a corresponding Make app for it as well.

Check out this link and the documentation, and let us know how you get on!

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