Form submission from Wordpress to trigger a scenario?

Hi, everyone.
I’m new to make and I’m evaluating its usefulness for different tasks.
I’m using Wordpress and WPforms pro. I would like to take user input on a form and when it is submitted, sent to make and trigger a scenario. Seems super simple, but I’m running into a rabbit hole of having to use webhooks (can’t figure out how to trigger with a form submission without some additional paid option) I don’t mind having paid subscription for make. I just want to see if I can even make this work. I’ve tried populating cells in google sheets, but I can’t get that to trigger unless I manually run it or have it check in intervals. which would use too many automations. I’m hoping someone can steer me in the right direction anyway. TIA


Hello, @Mkmooney in Make you can add the WPForm module which will create a Webhook address, this is the one you use within WordPress to configure the plugins, I share a screenshot.

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Thanks for that. I think the webhook option for WPforms is in only in their top tier elite option. I only have pro. Is there another way to do this? It seems like it would be such a common and easy thing?

Hi there. Using webhooks with Make is an absolute game changer. Every webform i create now I link to make. I don’t get the form to do anything except send the data to Make then you can do anything you like (notify multiple people, update cms records, trigger autoresponders). Once you realise what you can do you will ditch the expensive form plugins forever.

I fell out of love with WPForms years ago for this very reason. To have to pay what you do for Pro and then find out it doesn’t include webhooks is just obscene. Depending on how committed you are to WP Forms Pro the best alternative I found is Fluent Forms Pro - a single site license is $59. The famous Contact Form 7 also has free webhooks addon. Alternatively, my method of choice is now to code an HTML forms (I’m no coder but it was really easy to figure out - see this example, you simply put the webhook address into the “action” element ) or simply use one of many HTML form building tools like this one

Please don’t be put off by what seems initially a complex answer. If you can get your forms talking to Make you will never look back (promise!)

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Hi laimM,
I use Fluent Forms and tried to create a webhook. I tested it with the website postman and it worked, however in make I don’t know how to get all the information I need.
I added an Excel sheet in make I want to fill in with the information provided in the fluent form.
What I miss is something to tell the webhook: This information goes to cell a, this to cell b, etc…
Could you maybe tell me how I can do this?
Thanks a lot,
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