Gravity Forms Trigger not triggering automatically


We have a scenario which uses the Gravity Forms trigger, and while the documentation at states “Triggers when the selected form is submitted”, the only way we’ve discovered that we can have it trigger is by adding a schedule to it, which means it isn’t actually triggered when the form is submitted but when the time of day meets the schedule we specify.

We’ve tried all combinations of the schedule but none of them result in allowing it to function according to how the documentation states it should function. Is there a way to remove the schedule so the scenario runs when the form is submitted?

Thank you for your time! :blush:

Hello @rlhc,

I use Gravity and Ninja forms with Wordpress, and have for many years.

Honestly, I never use any Make modules for triggering a scenario from forms (any forms really).

Instead, I add a make webhook to the form so the scenario can be triggered immediately from the webhook. This does require the webhook add-on for Gravity Forms, but I believe it’s well worth it.

If you need some assistance we can co-build this together!

Andy @


Hi Andy,

Thank you for your response. I understand that there are alternative ways to do this. However, I was hoping that Make’s Gravity Forms module would function the way that the documentation for it says it should so I wouldn’t have to involve other services to achieve that functionality, especially when the reason for us using Make is to decrease costs. We actually switched over to Make from Zapier, and so far, Make seems a bit more versatile in some areas, although Zapier did allow actual triggers on Gravity Form form submissions without the need for schedules so we were hoping that was achievable in Make.

I appreciate the idea nonetheless, though, thank you. :blush: