Google Forms and Schedules

I’m trying to simply fill out a Google Form and when the form is sent to trigger the action in Make. The problem is the schedule feature of Make keeps processing my Scenario every 15 minutes. I only need it to run once when the form is sent.

Hi there,
sadly, it seems like the google forms app doesn’t have a webhook trigger module (which would be instant) and just the “watch updates” module you are using, which can only be set to run at specific times/intervals.

Can you set a custom email in google forms that gets notified, when a new response is received? Then you could just use a mailhook to trigger your scenario.

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You can setup a Webhook in Apps Script for Forms, and have the URL as a Make Webhook using the Webhooks module. A guide covering the Apps Script part is here: Sending a Webhook for each Google Forms Submission | by Eyal Gershon | Medium

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Thank you guys. I appreciate the help. I’ve been trying different automation apps the last few days. I have my workflow built in both Zapier and Make. Zapier gets sent a response from Google Forms and it only works once. I wish Make also did this. Not sure how a system where it just pulls the same data every 15 mins makes any sense.

I’m trying to implement the Webhook to Google Forms. I’m not making much progress. I made the web hook, added the URL to the forms App Script editor. But then that is where the link ends and I’m not making further progress.

Did u add a trigger as described in steps 5 and 6 of the article Anonymax sent?
Have you tried submitting a form response while the webhook is listening for data?

I don’t know where you are stuck.

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