How to Trigger a Scenario With an Email

I’m looking to TRIGGER a scenario with an email that is generated by a 3rd party platform associated with my wordpress website. That email does NOT originate from my WP site, though. Let’s just say access to that 3rd party db is problematic and so I’m thinking that I could use an email generated by them to trigger the scenario.

Walk me through the process…what questions do I need to ask in order to set something like that up?

Using a Mailhook is possible (this is an option in the regular Webhook module). However just as with a regular webhook you need to make sure the data comes in consistently. The better you can structure your input, the better your scenario will work.

First of all, use plain text, not html.
Secondly I would try to make the body in json format, csv or xml format. Just parse the content and you have got your elements to map in your scenario. If that is not possible, at least make sure every element is on its own line.


Thank you for taking the time to reply but it seems to me the very fist question to deal with is which module to use. Webhook? Email? Other?? Why would I use a Webhook module vs the Email module?