Sending leads from Lemlist -> Hubspot


I would like to automtatize the creation or the update of a lead from Lemlist to Hubspot when a mail is sent. I can do it easily with zapier.

Step 1 email is sent from lemlist to a lead
Step 2 the lead is added in Hubspot if it doesn’t exist in the Hubspot base or the contact is updated.
In zapier i’m using the compinent " Create or Update Contact in HubSpot" (based on the email adress ?)

But when i try to do the same in Make, i have to choose between a creation and an update. But if I pick the “update” component, I have to specify an ID hubspot contact that I don’t have.

Any idea on how to do so in Make ?

Kind regards

Hi @Fabien_Chung

Perhaps you can first try to lookup the contact by any data you have (for instance the email address). From that response you then use the contact id and pass it to the ‘update contact’ module?

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Thank you @Loopz for your quick answer. How do you “lookup” ? wich component should i use for instance ?
I feel the learning curve is higher with Make but I feel it could be much more powerful (and cheaper ^^) than zapier

I’m not familiar with HubSpot, but perhaps ‘Search for Contacts’ could work?

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