Sent SMS X hours before Google Calendar Event

Goal: Sent SMS X hours before Event Start in Google Calendar

In Zapier I can make use of the “Event Start in Google Calendar” trigger that runs the automation (in my case SMS via Twilio) X hours before the event start. Then I use the output as trigger for the next steps. This works out perfectly but I do not see a solution on hot to realize it within Make. Do anyone knows how to make this happen?

Since I now switched to Make, the trigger is missing. There’s only the watch event trigger but this does not help.

Thanks in advance!

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You can use the Google Calendar “Search Events” module.


This way you can find events that are starting in X hours’ time.


Thanks a lot for your prompt answer! Super helpful. Since I never worked with this module, could be support me further in how to use this?

What I reached so far:
I get a list with all Events I want to sent a reminder to. E.g. today 2 appointments (output 2 bundles).

But how I now can work with then that the following module (Twilio) will be triggered X hours before and not directly, since there is no possibility in the Twilio module to add a timeDate when the message should be sent.

Thanks a lot!

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