Set a time before the SMS to be sent


I created a google calendar and integrated with gatewayapi sms

I wanted to achieve to send to my clients SMS with 21 hrs before their event. I have events Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.

So I would like to send the sms sunday (before 21 hrs), tuesday (before 21 hrs) and wednesday (before 21 hrs).

How can I achieve that and also, how to make to run everytime, each week.

Thank you

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You can have a scenario watch new items (like your Google Calendar “Watch Events” module) and schedule a cron job callback using apps like 0CodeKit that allows you to schedule a “callback” to a URL defined in a “Custom Webhook” trigger in another scenario at the exact time you want.

In your second scenario, you can send the SMS when the webhook trigger module is triggered by the schedule.



You don’t have to use a data store, this is just an example. You can replace with Google Sheets, Google Calendar, etc.


So, as my understanding:

1st scenario: google calendar (watch events) + 0codekit (cron job)
2nd scenario: Custom Webhook + GatewayAPI sms?

Yes, you set the schedule of when you want the Cron job to call your webhook with whatever data you need for the second scenario.

The Create JSON module may help you convert a variable into a string containing the data for the webhook.

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