Sequenzial module operation

I need to create automatic bot into telegram with integromat…

I created first messagge with 3 options, when i click a option i need it show the description of option but it send me again the first messagge (welcome) + the option description… How i can set it like a sequenzial way so go step by step and show only one time every module??

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Hi. Give me more details. Do you have 3 messagens and what send all of them in the same run?

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I have 4 messagens…

  1. Welcome message and try from 3 option (website, webmail, CRM)
    2/3/4 Ask info about options (website, webmail, crm)

When i insert firs messagge it give me corectly the firs welcome messagge with 3 options but on second step, if i click/write one of these option give me again the first welcome messagge + the right messagge of option choosen.

How can i sent on the second step only the messagge of option without welcome messagge?

if i am understanding this right you simply need to move the welcome message after the router and adjust the filters accordingly. For example, if the response is empty then send the welcome message, otherwise filter according to the response. Another option is to set the welcome message filter as the “fallback” option in the filters

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I need the welcome as the first message, whatever the customer writes … in the welcome message there is a list of 3 words that he can write to continue only that if I click on one of the three names, both welcome and the message of the clicked option…

It seems to me that it’s not a sequential flow but that every action I do starts the flow all over again and resumes everything…
How can I set the automations step by step?

in your diagram above set the welcome message after the router and set it to “option 0” using the filters. That way if there is no option it triggers the welcome message. As soon as there is an option it triggers the relevant option. The way you have it set up above the welcome message will always trigger. You must put the welcome message after the router or put in another router which says “if no option then welcome message otherwise send relevant option” (but what if have described there is simply a less efficient way than what i described in the first sentence).

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putting it in the router options works…
as a rule i used the filter “if it’s not option1 or 2 or 3”… but i would need to insert a final message, so the loop should be “welcome choose between 1 or 2 or 3, selecting see
message of the selected option and a last final form to say goodbye…” unfortunately, not knowing what the message of the welcome option could be, I don’t know how to set the filter to exclude the welcome option…

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Word the messages for options 1, 2 or 3 in such a way that each message contains an identifiable key word. Then add another router before the existing router that searches for the key word. If it finds it then sends the final message. if not, it will proceed to existing router and send either welcome message or options 1,2 or 3.

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beautiful program but it would be nice to provide a structured system mode by sequence based on the position, therefore operations that go in line based on the position of the modules/routers

Once you have used it a bit you will get used to the logic structure. It’s actually really intuitive.

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