Set/Get Variable Bug?

Can anybody else reproduce this bug? When I set a variable on a route, I cannot retrieve it with “Get variable” on a different route. The help docs say that “Get variable” can be used across an entire scenario and that the route is not important.

Tools - " Note that this module can read a variable that was set anywhere in the scenario. The only requirement is that the Tools > Set Variable is executed before (in time) the Tools > Get Variable module. See the documentation for the Router module for information about the order in which routes are processed."

The following screenshots show my own example. I copied the example from the help file but I can’t access the variable in “get variable” [3].


Interesting, I couldn’t repro this bug. Can you share your scenario blueprint (json)?

My fault, it’s working correctly. You have to type the variable name in the Get module - the problem I had is that I was expecting the SetVar variable to appear in the list automatically, and then to click it from there. Typing it manually works perfectly…