Set multiple variables based on one array

I have an array with approx. 30 key values, inside i have 3 attributes.
Something like this:

{ "topic 1":  
    "name": "1xxx",
    "type": "1yyy",
    "label": "1zzz"
{ "topic 2":
    "name": "2xxx",
    "type": "2yyy",
    "label": "2zzz"

I want to have every attribute saved to a variable which then has to be processed further on.
However if I have to create every variable manually, I will end up with 90+ manually set variables.
I would like to automate this and get the variables created automatically.

Since I am new to I do not really know how to setup this kind of automation. Basically my idea is the following:

Get Array => Go to first key “topic 1” => Get the 3 attributes => Assign a variable to each (“Name1”,“Type1”,“Label1”) => Go to key “topic 2” => Get the 3 attributes => Assign variable to each (“Name2”,“Type2”,“Label2”) => Go to key “topic 3”

I have watched different videos and read through different guides/posts however every one of them addressed a slightly different use case in which the variables can be and are overwritten. Mine can’t, I have to have every variable accessible afterwards.

Please let me know if I can automate my use case. Otherwise I would have to setup hundrets of variables manually :frowning:

Hi @bROT1403

To solve your issue, please try to follow the below steps.

  1. Iterate the array
  2. Use text aggregator to aggregate all the name type label
  3. split the text data as your requirement and assign to the variable.



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Hi! Thanks for your answer.
When configuring my automation like that I still have the issue that I can not access each variable at once and all the input is saved to “text”.
However I need every variable to be accessible separately so I can put them in to custom fields like this: