Ai voice assitant get Variables

So im building a bot and i want to retrieve some dates from google calendar, then send this back to the bot. The only problem is that google calendar gives me the dates in one array that contains 3 bundles. Basically what i want to do is get the “start” value from diffrent bundles and turn those values into new variables so that i can send those new variables back to the bot. I’ve been trying this 19 hours already, if someone can help me I literally love you.

The 3 variables i want to get (one variable for each “start” value)

This is the best i’ve got, but i cant figure out how to extract the values.


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I don’t think you need an Iterator when you can just use the built-in map function, and then use the built-in join function.

But if you want to use an Iterator module, you can use a Text Aggregator to combine them into a single text variable.


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