Set value to null when variable is null

I’m syncing some customer data from QuickBooks to AirTable (specifically the contact information). If a customer at one point had an email address, and then that email address gets removed in QuickBooks, then I’m having trouble removing the email in AirTable.

I believe the problem is that when I do an AirTable Update with the Email field set to “17. Primary Email: Address” and that address is blank, then the AirTable connector thinks it shouldn’t update anything.

When I leave a field blank then I expect that it won’t write anything. But when I add a variable to a field then I expect that it will write whatever is in that variable, even if that means it needs to write a null.

I imagine that I could create an additional step that first blanks out everything, then a step that writes out the good data, but that extra step seems like it should be so unneccessary.

So if a variable from a previous step is empty/blank/null, how do I write empty/blank/null to AirTable without specifically using the “null” or “erase” component?

You have to pass an empty string.

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I appreciate the reply, but that doesn’t address what I want to do. I want to pass “17. Primary Email: Address”. The problem is that if “17. Primary Email: Address” happens to be an empty string, and the record that I’m modifying already had “” in the “QBOCache: email” field, then the AirTable record is unmodified.

I can pass an emptystring in one step, and then do a second step where I actually write the correct value, but that is turning one step into two. This case only comes up in <0.1% of instances, so I don’t want to be billed for twice as many steps because of this extreme edge case.