Several filters. How to set it up correctly

Hello. I continue to configure the transfer of data from a webhook to a Google spreadsheet. Now my script looks like this

Looking ahead I will say. I’m setting up telephony now. There are some conditions

Condition 1.

  1. This is an order for a call back (a person fills out a form on the website. After this, the operator is notified and an outgoing call is made to the person who ordered the call)
  2. This condition looks like this
    where “CallType = 1” means that this is an outgoing call

Condition 2.
If an incoming call is received for a specific number, run scenario 2
where “CallType = 0” means that this is an incoming call

The problem is that when I make an outgoing call, it goes according to scenario 2, although it should go according to scenario one. Is there an error in the setup itself? or do you need to understand the code?

logically it should look like this

if CallType = 1 and getCallData is present in the webhook then run according to scenario 1

if CallType = 0 and the number the client is calling = Phone_1 OR Phone_2 OR Phone_3 OR Phone_4, then run scenario 2


hey @WnW_Dental_Marketing
Instead of text operators , try using numeric operators in filters

Thanks. I try, but in webhook i have next code:

can you please add blueprints?

sorry, but im not understand what is blueprint. Maybe you have example? I will be appreciate

click on the three dots and you will be able to export blueprint

blueprint.json (62.7 KB)

hey you are making mistake while setting filters
it should be like this

I know this looks same as your previous screenshot
the problem is not here
the problem is in how webhook Is bringing data
can you run your webhook once and upload its screenshot


Hey @WnW_Dental_Marketing

I believe I’ve identified the error. The issue is that this empty module is not parsing the data through to the next filter and module, causing the data to skip to the next filter and module.

For example, in the first line (call type = 0), the data is not passing through the first filter, so it is not checking if the data equals 0.

However, in the second line (call type = 1), the filter is positioned before the Google sheet, allowing it to check if the data equals 1.

To resolve this problem, we can eliminate the empty module and place the right filter in the appropriate location


Thank you for your feedback. Creating an empty module is a forced decision.
I haven’t found how to create a condition in one filter when if CallType = 0 and the number the client is calling = Phone_1 OR Phone_2 OR Phone_3 OR Phone_4, then run scenario 2

That is, when you can use the OR and AND operator in one filter

That’s why we decided to do this
Red line: this filter determines whether the call is incoming (1) or outgoing (2)

Yellow line: all other rules

  1. What number does the client call?
  2. Is the call back function activated?

Hi @WnW_Dental_Marketing

Please replace your empty module with a router. Whenever you want to add filters after filter, then it should be router to be used as a divider. Please try replacing with router.
Your filter seems fine.

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You can use the filters like this after removing empty modules.


Thanks guys. Everything is working. This is a great help, thank you very much