Filter setting for collections


I have the following scenario. In the circled area I want to activate a filter.

Only data that has NO changes in the statistics may be passed:

Which filter settings do I have to make in order to implement these requirements?

Background of the question. Brevo (formerly sendinblue) also executes the webhook when the contact has opened an email or a campaign has been sent. But I don’t want that. So I would like to already filter out these events in this filter.

Thank you.


Hi there.

I am pretty sure that every event that triggers the webhook is somehow displayed in the webhook’s output. Therefore, you should be able to identify them and put a filter right after the webhook module to stop the flow for any unwanted events.

The screenshot of the webhook module’s output or the raw JSON of the output would be really helpful.



try using {{toArray(8.statistics)}} and only allow through where array length != 0

Assume you’re letting them through to that point because of the deletion route?

Otherwise @Milton_Bedford’s suggestion seems like a good bet