Repair an scenario (triggered via Webhook from Brevo)


the webhook in Brevo (sendinblue) “contact_updated” is also triggered when opening or clicking on an email.

My question:
How can I add a condition that only lets through data that has NOT clicked or opened an email. Is there a filter here in

Here is my current scenario → Picture_1

Circled in yellow (in Picture_2) are the affected parameters that change and thus trigger a webhook.

What is the best way to set up a filter here so that the data that contains data is not allowed to pass through?

Please make me an offer to solve the problem.

Thank you.


Can you please share me the output of the custom webhook module in both cases.?
I mean when it trigger when you really update a contact and when click on the email.

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Here is the output, when some contact click on the eMail:

Here is the output, when the phone number for example is changed:

In booth cases it is the same webhook from Brevo (sendinblue) “Contact_updated”.

@vantage, But there is “attributes” collection in the real contact update…right?
You can filter using that parameter.
Or you can check the Sendinblue webhook settings if there any option to filter.

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Thank you for your response.

The webhook in Brevo (sendinblue) is the following:

So in this case, only the “contact_updated” and “contact_deleted” ist checked. So the webhook is not correct in Brevo and the support from Brevo can not change it. It is really terrible …

Because of the filter. OK, so you would prefer that i install a further filter that let only “attributes” through the scenario. Did i understand it right?

Thank you.

Yes. You can set a filter as i mentioned. But need to see more cases to confirm.

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Now i installed a filter after the webhook:

This works great.

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I am glad to hear my advised helped you to solve your issue.