Webhook Brevo (sendinblue) "contact updated" doest not work correctly


are any of you using the Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) Contact Updated webhook with make.com?

I have the problem that this webhook is also triggered when the contact clicks on an email in a newsletter. However, after consultation with Brevo support (sendinblue), this should not be the case.

I send the webhook that was triggered:

My question is :grey_question::
Do any of you have the same problems with Brevo (Sendinblue) and already have a solution?



Can you also share the webhook settings from Brevo too

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here is the brevo webhook configuration:

Thank you.

I suspect you have some automation setup in Brevo that is triggering some sort of update on your contact records when they open an email. It could be any automations you have that react to email open, such as engagement automations or adding/removing them from lists.

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Yes exactly, that is correct. However, according to Brevo Support, the “Contact updated” function is not triggered when a contact opens an email or the contact is added to a list. That’s the problem.

My question here is, has anyone had any experience with this in connection with make.com? Is there a way that webhooks which are executed due to the opening of an email or when the contact is added to a list are NOT allowed through the scenario?


I have now heard from support (Brevo) that the webhook “contact_updated” is also triggered when opening or clicking on an email.

My question:
How can I add a condition that only lets through data that has NOT clicked or opened an email. Is there a filter here in make.com?

Here is my current scenario:

Circled in yellow are the affected parameters that change and thus trigger a webhook. What is the best way to set up a filter here so that the data that contains data is not allowed to pass through?

Thank you.


Good morning, does anyone have an idea, how i can make this? Thank you.