Shareable Note Links

Hello. My goal is to prepare online notes for my employees to use with clients in scheduled appointments. Meaning, that when they meet, my employee only has to open [some app] and can start taking notes immediately.

The only note-taking app that appears to have a share option in Make is Evernote. However, it does not work. I have a scenario that creates the new note in my Evernote account, which works, then the next step is the “share link” is created and provided to appropriate employees. The share link always loads an Evernote error.

I have tried to look through all the integrations but am very open to any suggestions to fix this or use a different app.

Thank you.

Hey @Nathan_Atkinson

If you have not found an alternative, did you try getting to the root of the error message you get with Evernote? maybe share the URL and error message with their Support.

I hope that helps.