Sharing private apps into your org

Hey Make experts, I have creates a draft of a custom apps into my account. I would like to share it with other co-workers in the same Make organization, or at least transfer, copy/paste, export/import what I’ve done so fare into another account.
Any tips on how to accomplish that?

Hey!! Welcome to the Make community!

If you build a scenario with your Custom App and Save it, it should be installed in your Org.
In that case, other users can see it.

However, you have to set the modules visible

Then, anytime, you can remove the app here:




Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately this is not what I want to achive. I need other to edit and update my custom app, not just use it in a scenario.
Is there any way to import/export into different accounts?

A custom app has always one owner account. Development in multiple people is not supported. The following points from the Make documentation describe workarounds to set up the development of a custom app with multiple people. These workarounds bypass some of the Make security features. If you decide to implement them, you have to manage the user access yourself.

Development in the Web Interface

If you develop in the web interface, create an account that can be shared among developers, e.g.,, and share the access there.

Development in Visual Studio Code

If you use Visual Studio Code, you can share the owner’s token with the development team. Read more info here.


I’d say this is probably a better approach but be careful you’re always loading the latest files off the Make servers. I think VS Code makes that straight forward unless you leave an open file tab and clobber some data already saved. There is no real source control inside the Make servers on apps (yet).